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Avoiding that New Year’s Urge to Post – A Shameless Promotion of our Services December 29, 2010

Posted by stanleyreidrecruiting in Career Management.

It’s “New Year’s Resolution” time again – that time of year when many people have the “gee, I didn’t accomplish what I wanted to this year / I need to make some changes” conversion in their heads.  Introspection and reflection are very good things, but they often lead to reactionary approaches that don’t yield the desired results.

As the owners of a search firm, we know what is coming in January – lots and lots of people posting their resumes on job boards, going to career fairs, and applying for jobs, hoping to find “something better”.  It must be something about hanging out with their extended family that makes people want to change jobs!  The goal is good, but the job board / career fair process doesn’t work very well (as evidenced by the huge number of people who THOUGHT they were in a great job a year ago, but who are now posting their resumes everywhere).

If you are a highly cleared professional with strong technical skills, we’d like you to know three things:

Your skills are in very high demand – There are many more jobs than there are people who do what you do and who have the clearance level you have.

Many companies will do and say whatever they can to hire you – We hear countless horror stories of people who took jobs expecting one thing, only to find something else.  The work wasn’t as challenging as they thought it would be, or the role was completely different than they were told, or the company forgot to mention their contract was up for re-compete, or the “team-based approach” that was highlighted during the interview process was really just a hodge-podge staff supplementation program.  There is a war for talent, and the company that gets you to say “yes” gets another billable slot on a project – they make more money, and their competitors don’t.  It can get very cutthroat, and your career desires can get lost in the fight.

It is incredibly difficult to determine which company will make you happy – All the websites look the same, all the jobs sound great on paper, and the interview process is often more focused on getting you to say “yes” than doing a deep mutual qualification (see our blog from a few months ago if you don’t believe this!).  You may be an excellent analytical problem-solver, but you aren’t a professional at digging deeply into companies, understanding what type of people thrive there and why, and separating company marketing messages from reality.  You also don’t have the time to do this level of analysis about each company.

If you post your resume on a job board, go to career fairs, or start applying to lots of jobs, you will likely find yourself overwhelmed with companies that want to interview and hire you.  You won’t have “insider information” about many of them, and you’ll do what every other human being does – you’ll be attracted to the best marketing messages you hear.

We offer a better approach to investigating new opportunities.  We spend huge amounts of time researching companies and turning only the best ones into our clients. We interview their executives, their hiring managers, their technologists, and their former employees.  We cut through the marketing messages and get to the reality of what each company is.  When a company wants us to recruit for them, we say “no thank you” more often than we say “yes”.  We simply won’t work with an average company or one that plays the “we’re a sub on 168 contracts and need Java Developers with FS polys” game.  We won’t work with a company whose former employees tell us that the marketing message didn’t match reality.

If you care about your career and making the RIGHT choice, contact us.  We’ll spend 1-2 hours talking with you about where you are in your career, what you’d like to improve or change, and what your passions are – in other words, we’ll try to understand you as a human being and not a “billable resource”. Then we’ll evaluate what you have told us against the select group of compelling companies we’ve made our clients over the last 7 years.  We’ll tell you about ones that we feel match your career desires.  If you are interested in one of our clients, only then will we talk about specific positions at that company.

If you want to get invited to a dozen interviews, make a guess about which offer to take, and just try a new job to see if it works, post your resume on January 1.

If you’re ready partner with an expertise search firm that will help you find the right long-term fit at a company that makes you happy, call us – we can help

Happy New Year from all of us at Stanley Reid & Company!

Mary Reid Stanley
Ron Stanley